Bringing the Seasons Indoors...

Today started out as cold, foggy and damp. Whilst I do love foggy weather, I was so happy to see the sun come out to warm up the day.  We grabbed our cameras , my daughter and I , and headed outdoors.  We wanted to see whether there was more to winter than just the colour grey. We were delighted to see the garden still full of beautiful colours, textures and smells.

Bringing the seasons indoors
Bringing the seasons indoors

This got us thinking about how we could bring some of this splendour inside as a reminder on the really grey days.  We gathered bits of shrubs, bushes and moss... lovely!

Taking a moment in time : bringing the seasons indoors

Once inside, we considered a number of options, but finally settled on making a wreath. It is fairly easy to put together.  All you need is a wire frame and some florists wire (or string).  We placed moss onto the frame and wrapped it into place with the wire.  

Taking a moment in time : bringing the outdoors in

Next we added our 'gatherings' including some lavender for fragrance.  For the finishing touch, we added some dried flowers.  It is the first wreath we made on our own and we are pleased with the outcome.

Taking a moment in time: bringing the seasons indoors
Taking a moment in time: Bringing the seasons indoors