Woodland Pixie Hat - Crochet Along

Have you all chosen your DK yarn? The time has come to share Part 1 of The Woodland Pixie Hat  pattern.   Please keep in mind that I am not a pattern writer.  I have tried my best to put this pattern into writing with so much of help from the very patient Miri from  Here We Are Together .  (Miri will have the pattern in US terms).

I have tested it a number of times and so has Miri.  However, if you do have a problem, please contact myself or Miri and we will be happy to help.

Taking a moment in time: Woodland Pixie Hat

Pattern part 1:

You will need 200g of DK yarn and a 4mm crochet hook.

Chain 92, turn

Row 1:  Chain 1, skip first space , TR in each space to the end, turn.

Row 2:  Chain 4, skip 1 space, DTR x 3 in the next stitch, *skip 4, DC in next stitch, skip 4,  DTR x 8 in next stitch*.  Repeat between the * until the second last stitch.  In the last stitch DTR x 4, turn.

Row 3:  Chain 1, * skip 4, then DTR x 8 into the 'valley' between the previous row's shells, skip 3, DC at the top of the previous row's shells*. repeat the pattern between the *.  Continue to the second last stitch. DC in last stitch, turn.

Repeat Rows 2 and 3, until the hat measures to about half of the persons head (to just past the ears).

That is all for this week.  The second instalment will be out next week Monday.  Please share pictures of your hat in progress using the #woodlandpixiehat on Instagram or Facebook or on the blogs.  We would love to see your progress.

taking a moment in time: woodland pixie hat