Writing Letters

When they say a 'picture speaks a thousand words'.... In the photo below, everything is laden with meaning. The letter writing that my father loved to do. The vintage writing set that I bought for him about 20 years ago, that he gave to me 2 weeks ago. The lilac which he loves so much and which reminds him of his own mum.

My father lost his wife last year, very suddenly. We were all shocked, she was healthy and it was not expected. So many things were left unsaid for him. It breaks his heart. They went to bed one Friday night after talking about their plans for the holiday they had planned a few weeks away. She had a stroke and never regained consciousness. She passed away two days later.  The fact is, he now feels so very lonely.  We make every effort to see him every weekend, but its not the same.

Next week I am away for the week. Though he does not see me during the week, we chat on the phone a number of times each day. Whilst I am away, we will have less opportunity to talk. He will feel even more alone. I have been worrying about this, as I do, whenever we go away.

Then I remembered when I moved to the U.K. I was 19 years old and all alone. My father wrote me a letter every single day. It was the highlight of every day for me. Waiting and listening for the postman. To hear the clatter of the letter flap made my heart soar. For three years he wrote me every single day, posted a letter every single day so that I could receive my little ray of light... every single day.

So, I decided to write him a letter that will arrive next week, whilst I am away. I hope it will make him feel loved.  

Taking a moment in time