Assisting at a Local Milk Retreat.

Last summer Beth Kirby of Local Milk asked me whether I would like to host a knitting and weaving workshop at her Winter Retreat here in the UK. Naturally I was delighted.  Beth created a mood board of colours that she loved and I set about dyeing the yarn with natural plant dyes. Time passed so fast and before I knew it, February had arrived and with it the Local Milk Winter Retreat.

The retreat was held at Goddards, in Abinger Common. This fascinating property is available to rent through The Landmark Trust.  It was the perfect setting for a retreat that really emphasised slow living.  Guests spent their days learning about food photography and styling from Beth.

We enjoyed sumptuous feasts prepared by chef Aaron Teece of  Studio Neon.  The ingredients were bought predominantly at local farm shops and were so tasty.  Each meal was a mini celebration as the guests were presented with a gift left on their plates every time. These gifts had been wrapped with care and attention to detail... it made everyone feel special. Thanks to Sadie Jane for all the time spent on details. ( Find her on Instagram @londonrose).  Such a lovely opportunity to hold conversations and get to know the different people that had attended.

Marte Marie Forsburg also joined us for a day of food photography, cooking and styling.  Guests enjoyed the inspirational stories of both Beth and Marie.


Afternoons and nights were spent knitting and weaving. I am so pleased that all the participants learned to weave and knit a hat..  Sitting at the fire, drinking tea and knitting was the perfect way to spend those cold winter days. It also created an opportunity for people to get to know each other and I am sure a few lasting friendships were formed.