The Way We Live in the Country

What a difference a year makes. When I look back to some of my old posts, I feel like cringing. My views, my interests and my dreams have changed so much.  I guess that's the thing with blogs... it  creates a record, whereas in the past we would all evolve without even noticing it too much.

Two days ago I read a lovely book, The Way We Live in the Country. The photos are little windows into country life, I poured over it from cover to cover a number of times already.  I guess what appealed to me was how little, everyday details tell the story of the lives we lead. My family and I do live in the countryside, it's still something relatively new to us. We have only lived here for the past three years , having moved from London. However, my husband and I are country people at heart and we love the space, the beauty and the quiet of the countryside.

Only a few days ago I had a conversation with Emma from A Quiet Style about her dilemma. Should she move to the country or not?  I think many of us consider this at some point. Even those that are die hard city dwellers, often like to bring a touch of the countryside into their city lives.  I thought it would be really lovely to have a 'diary' of countryside living on Instagram. A gallery of peoples' everyday captures that epitomise The Way We Live in the Country. Thus #thewayweliveinthecountry was born.  I would enjoy it if you would join in, share your pictures. You do not need to live in the countryside necessarily, share moments that bring the country living feeling to your life or home.

I have recently been to Ireland on an inspiring Lens and Larder retreat,  (more about that soon). What really appealed to me on this retreat was the whole 'farm to table ' approach which both Imen and Cliodhna promote.  Imen's cookbook, The Farmette Cookbook, is filled with recipes for delicious, wholesome food.  The photos in her book, about her life on a farm in Ireland, illustrate beautifully the new hashtag #thewayweliveinthecountry.  With this in mind, I asked Imen whether she would like to play along with the new hashtag gallery. She generously offered to gift a copy of her cookbook to a participant. Imen will choose her favourite image in a few weeks and this lucky person will receive a copy of Imen's new cookbook.

So, don't miss out. Join in with the new hashtag # thewayweliveinthecountry. You do not need to live in the countryside, perhaps you only dream of it, perhaps you holiday there  or perhaps you just like a little touch of countryside in your city life.