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A friend recently described me as having a 'sprinter's mentality'. It's true.  When I was young, I was an athlete. I excelled at the 100m and 200m sprint. Later in life, I discovered distance running. It's how I lost weight after my first two children. Then I had two more children years later.  I have not yet lost any of the huge amount of weight I gained.  I tried, I went running. After each run I suffered with severe back pain. I finally went for an x-ray.  The chiropractor met me with the words: "it's amazing that you are not in a wheel chair"!

It seems my sprinter's body was not designed to carry so much weight nor to have four children.  It has been permanently damaged and I am so lucky to be standing on my own two feet.  However, I am no longer allowed to run or cycle and no high impact exercise. This was a shock to me. 

taking a moment in time

So what now?  It has taken me months to come to terms with this situation as it required me to re-train my brain.  Today I decided to make an effort to take exercise that will help me lose weight without damaging the delicate balance that keeps me standing on my own two feet.  I have decided to try walking and swimming. Both of these are low impact. To reduce the feeling of boredom, I walked through the woods rather than on the road.

taking a moment in time
taking a moment in time

We live in the hills and the walk has many climbing sections!!!!!All I could think of was water ...

taking a moment in time

Thankfully the walk back home is down hill. It was lovely, and definitely something I can persevere at.  It will not result in instant weight-loss, but I need to be patient. It is a start...

taking a moment in time

Woodland Pixie Hat: Part 3

Are you all getting on well with your hats? I have crocheted three of these hats in the past couple of weeks and my girls are delighted that they are ready so fast.

Taking a Moment in Time: Woodland Pixie Hat

Here is the final part of the pattern:  ( Please do not forget: the US terms are on Miri's lovely blog Here We are Together )

Row 1:  Chain 1, skip first space. DC to the end, decreasing 1 stitch at the beginning and at the end of the row, turn.

Row 2-6:  For the next 5 rows: Chain 1, skip first space, DC , decreasing 2 stitches at the beginning and end of each row.

Cast off, by threading yarn through the remaining stitch.  

Join from the top of the hat to midway on the 'bend'.

Border: DC from one end to the other end along the bottom edge of the hat.  Add tassels on the two front corners. Sew in the loose ends.

Taking a Moment in Time: Woodland Pixie Hat
Taking a Moment in Time: Woodland Pixie Hat
taking a Moment in Time: Woodland Pixie Hat

 Thank you Miri for encouraging me and joining me.

Thank you all for joining in.

Woodland Pixie Hat CAL part 2

Good morning everyone.  Please accept my apologies for part 2 being a day late. Sometimes life just does not go to plan. Today I am in Wales, about to go on a course called ' Kitchen Garden Through the Year". I am pretty excited to see how much it helps me improve our kitchen garden at home.  But, that is a story for another day.

How are you all finding this pattern? I do hope it is fun and easy. Please share pictures of your hats on IG, FB or here for us to see.  This second part is much easier, and anyway it's a very forgiving pattern so you can 'fix' mistakes easily without it being noticed.

Part 2 of the pattern:

I changed colour for this part of the pattern, but it is up to you what you prefer.  The length of the section depends on the age of the person you are making the hat for, but please end on an uneven numbered row.

Row 1: Chain 1, skip first stitch. SC in next stitch

           Then DC, DC, TBC, DC, DC  (this fills in the valley from the previous row)

            SC, SC, SC, SC  (these stitches make up the peak of the previous row)

These two sets need to be repeated until the end of the row, turn. ( see picture 1)

Row 1, as described above, is in pink.

Row 1, as described above, is in pink.


Row 2: Chain 1 and skip the first stitch, DC to the end. Repeat this for approximately 5 rows.

Rows 2-6 , as described above, is in the plum colour.

Rows 2-6 , as described above, is in the plum colour.


That brings us to the end of part 2.  Thank you so much for joining Miri, from Here We Are Together, and I in this fun CAL. Remember if you would like to see the pattern in US terms, Miri has them on her blog. 

Have a lovely day.

taking a moment in time: woodland pixie hat


Woodland Pixie Hat - Crochet Along

Have you all chosen your DK yarn? The time has come to share Part 1 of The Woodland Pixie Hat  pattern.   Please keep in mind that I am not a pattern writer.  I have tried my best to put this pattern into writing with so much of help from the very patient Miri from  Here We Are Together .  (Miri will have the pattern in US terms).

I have tested it a number of times and so has Miri.  However, if you do have a problem, please contact myself or Miri and we will be happy to help.

Taking a moment in time: Woodland Pixie Hat

Pattern part 1:

You will need 200g of DK yarn and a 4mm crochet hook.

Chain 92, turn

Row 1:  Chain 1, skip first space , TR in each space to the end, turn.

Row 2:  Chain 4, skip 1 space, DTR x 3 in the next stitch, *skip 4, DC in next stitch, skip 4,  DTR x 8 in next stitch*.  Repeat between the * until the second last stitch.  In the last stitch DTR x 4, turn.

Row 3:  Chain 1, * skip 4, then DTR x 8 into the 'valley' between the previous row's shells, skip 3, DC at the top of the previous row's shells*. repeat the pattern between the *.  Continue to the second last stitch. DC in last stitch, turn.

Repeat Rows 2 and 3, until the hat measures to about half of the persons head (to just past the ears).

That is all for this week.  The second instalment will be out next week Monday.  Please share pictures of your hat in progress using the #woodlandpixiehat on Instagram or Facebook or on the blogs.  We would love to see your progress.

taking a moment in time: woodland pixie hat

The Woodland Pixie Hat -A Crochet-Along

I am most definitely an introvert, and making friends is something that takes time.  However, I have found some amazingly kind, warm and friendly people through social media. One of those people is the talented Miri from Here We Are Together.  Miri and I have been friends for a very long time indeed.  We were chatting one day about crocheting something together, sort of a virtual crochet club and thus the idea for the Woodland Pixie Hat was born.

taking a moment in time: woodland pixie hat


It is a quick, easy make and great for beginners (and people who find they do not have much time).  I am not a pattern writer, but I had an idea and Miri helped me put it down in writing so that others could also join in our crochet-along.  I know it is time to start dreaming about Spring, but the fact is that it is still cold outside and will be  for a while. This hat is fun and my children absolutely love it. (Also we are always hunting for a hat in this house of 4 children).  It  does not require a large investment of I am definitely making a couple. 

taking a moment in time: woodland pixie hat

Miri and I will be sharing the pattern from tomorrow in three parts, for the next three Mondays.  We will also be here to help you and talk you through it if you are a beginner.  I will have the pattern in UK terms while the US version will be on Here We Are Together.  So find some double knit yarn from your stash and a size 4 crochet hook and join us tomorrow.

I am sure we will have so much fun and perhaps forge a few friendships along the way.

taking a moment time: woodland pixie hat

Waste not ...

I am not an experienced, nor a very knowledgeable gardener. However, I do know that I need to cut back my shrubs and bushes because otherwise the new shoots grow only at the top of the plant.  This leaves the bottom looking bare and unattractive.  I have not done it yet because I can not throw away the gorgeous coloured shoots and fragrant lavender.

Taking a moment in time: waste not...
taking a moment in time: waste not

I had to think of an idea that would allow me to use all this beauty, waste not.....

Here is what I came up with.  I took the lavender and wrapped it with florists wire into a wreath shape which  I sized to fit perfectly around my planting bowl. It needs to be a snug fit as it's not tied on .  Then I took the coloured shoots and added them in by gently securing them in the wire or between lavender.  

taking a moment in time: waste not
taking a moment in time: waste not

I planted Grape Hyacinth in my planter. Now I feel that I am ready to welcome Spring.

taking a moment in time: waste not

Bringing the Seasons Indoors...

Today started out as cold, foggy and damp. Whilst I do love foggy weather, I was so happy to see the sun come out to warm up the day.  We grabbed our cameras , my daughter and I , and headed outdoors.  We wanted to see whether there was more to winter than just the colour grey. We were delighted to see the garden still full of beautiful colours, textures and smells.

Bringing the seasons indoors
Bringing the seasons indoors

This got us thinking about how we could bring some of this splendour inside as a reminder on the really grey days.  We gathered bits of shrubs, bushes and moss... lovely!

Taking a moment in time : bringing the seasons indoors

Once inside, we considered a number of options, but finally settled on making a wreath. It is fairly easy to put together.  All you need is a wire frame and some florists wire (or string).  We placed moss onto the frame and wrapped it into place with the wire.  

Taking a moment in time : bringing the outdoors in

Next we added our 'gatherings' including some lavender for fragrance.  For the finishing touch, we added some dried flowers.  It is the first wreath we made on our own and we are pleased with the outcome.

Taking a moment in time: bringing the seasons indoors
Taking a moment in time: Bringing the seasons indoors

Taking a Moment in Time...

We all get so busy with the things that NEED to be done. Everyday just passes in a blur of tasks that had to be done. I decided that as time was flying by, I needed to pause and take a moment in each day to enjoy the things that make me smile, the things I do not want to forget. A smile on the faces of my children, a bad joke from my husband...saved all day to share with me in the evening, nature's beauty, handmade creations, fresh baked bread and a chance to knit. Just a moment in the midst of all the pause, to look, to listen and appreciate my life.


taking a moment in time


These are my moments... thank you for stopping by.  I would love to see your moments too, so please share on Instagram using #takingamomentintime. There are no rules, just that you post on a Monday some happy 'moment' from your week.